Sliding Bedroom Units.

This manager is for calculating a cutting list for a bedroom units with sliding doors. It does not calculate for any plinths, scribes, panels etc.

Once you have worked out the wardrobe run and you know  the size of each carcass please enter the height, width and depth in the form to the left.

When you have worked out the overal run of the wardrobes (not the wall to wall measurements) enter this amount in the "overall run" box in the form.

For example "if the measurement from wall to wall is 2600 mm and you are allowing for fillers either side you may make the overall run of wardrobes 2400 mm"

So you enter 2400 in the overall run box. You would have lets say 3 x carcass 800 mm wide, so you would enter 800 in the width box and after allowing for plinth and scribe you would want the carcass 2100 mm high so you would enter 2100 in the height box.

Sliding wardrobe carcass are sat on a base so by entering the overall run in the box it will calculate the base and top dimensions allowing for the wardrobe track and base rail.